Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Alpacas...

We have some friends that raise Alpacas on their farm.

So with Jerry and Lynn's love and facination with Alpacas we made a special trip out to see them while they were here for graduation. You want to just cuddle and kiss on them, they are sooo cute, but it's really best just to leave them alone. They didn't mind us at all, but I hear snuggling doesn't bring out the best in them.


Kristi M. said...

The first picture is awesome. I love the dark eyebrows and it. I love to drive that way to my parents so that I can see them.

HeidiT said...

Those pictures are great. Ren is SERIOUSLY in LOVE with those things! He has mentioned on more than one occasion how he thinks they are great and how he thinks we need one at our house. Uhhh, no thank you -- I tell him to visit the neighbors if he really feels the need. Come to think of it, you should email me some of those pics if you get the chance and I will print them off as a joke and I'll tell him I got him an alpaca for his gift!

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