Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A golf victory!

A very excited teenager came home last night after his golf match...
with a win at their SIC Quad match!
He will be even more excited when he see's he got mentioned in the Idaho Press Tribune! So fun for us!
It's okay if I brag on my own blog right?
I have seen him up and down... golf is an interesting sport. The sun doesn't often shine on the same dawg all the time. But he really enjoyed getting to tell us about his 2nd place tie!
He loves to play, and it was fun to share in his excitement last night.
I even tried to listen to all the play by plays (snoozer when you don't play the game... even if you are the Mom. Is that bad for a Mom to say? It's a hole by hole, stroke by stroke... the kid has a photographic memory, so it is very long and drawn out!).
I love you Jacob; and we are soooo happy for your successful match yesterday!
Those are always fun and wonderful confidence boosters!
Now come back to earth and don't be too proud of yourself before Saturdays match!
He had told our neighbor who keeps up with him through the newspaper score pages... at the beginning of the season, and he gave her specific instructions to only keep the articles with his good scores, she could ditch any of his bad scores!
She knew this one was a keeper and brought it right over today... the sweetest neighbor ever!


Donna Lynn said...

I'm soooo excited. I just ran around the office showing everyone the picture and note in the paper. Go Jacob! All that practice, practice, practice paid off!

PaD said...

Fantastic. I'm glad he had a great game. He's going to be 6' 10" before he quits growing. He has a new cousin with his name. Molly had her baby on Saturday and named him Jacob Altin. I'm not sure of the second name. I've got to check into it again. Congrat's Jake. Love gmaw D

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