Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The torturing continues...

I told you there is always some kind of teasing, wrestling, or joking going on between my boys.
So for this weeks "torture", Jim comes walking in the house after work wearing a Vikings jacket!!!
He was all casual, and on the phone when the teenager noticed it. If you know anything about him, you know he is a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan. You can see the look of disbelief on his face as his Dad proudly acted like he was the new owner of this gem. The look was priceless!!

So the gig was up... Jim told him a salesman at his work walked into the office with it on after they Vikings beat his bosses team, riping on him about the loss.
And Jim mentioned what a huge fan his son was and the guy pulled the coat off and gave it to him... he said he will never wear it again, he pulled it out from under his bead from years of dust just to rub it in the owners face.
He really wanted someone to own it that would love it!

Well I don't think he could have found a better home for it!
The teenager was thrilled... darn we should have saved it for Christmas, we could have scored the best parents on earth award this year!!

I would have never let him hang out with those Heckt boys at the bowling alley all those years back if I would have known they were planting such deep seeds with this kid of a love of this team.


Keith and Kevin won him a Vikings hat out of one of those claw vending machines one night and the passion began. He still asks about those guys, he was just a little runt back then (probably 4 years old)... they would toss him up in the air and tickle him and play with him until he cried!


I am sure he is as tall as big Keith now, and I am definitely sure he is just as awnry!

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patsy said...

THIS IS A GREAT STORY! HAA- so cool of that guy to give it to Jim!

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