Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday...

My birthday on Friday was such a great day!!
Jacob was out of school, and Jim got off work early and we started it off with a baptism of one of our friends son. He was baptized Friday and married to his wife who is a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

We are so happy for them, what a great way to start off a marriage.
They are looking forward to going to the Temple on their anniversary next year.
I got a really cool warm soft hat and scarf from my sister and her family!
Yep in purple... one of my favorite colors!

And for my sock fetish... yes, it's pretty bad.... I LOVE socks!!
A tie died pair from my SIL's collection.
Sweet!! I love them so much!!
They are the softest material made from bamboo!
I will do another post about her tie dying business... but if you just can't wait you can go see some of her creations on her website here. She has been busy traveling to craft fairs the past couple of months, but keep watching, there are some really cool creations yet to be added to the website.
One of my sweet friends stopped by and remembered me too!
How did she know I have been trying out lip color for months after an old favorite ran out and I haven't found anything I liked yet... either too sticky, too orange, not enough pink, too many sparkles, not the right size to fit in my purse. It is a painful process that only girls can relate to... but this one made me feel like Goldilocks... it was just right!! She is a great friend and always so in tune!

Some of the young women in my ward brought me over these cupcakes... totally saved the day because my boys did not think of cake. I would have had a birthday without cake had it not been for these wonderful cupcakes! And they were sooooo darn cute! It was super thoughtful and I love them dearly (the girls, not the cupcakes... well the cupcakes too).
I got the neatest puppy magnetic bookmarks from my SIL and her family too!
So sweet, they are adorable... and you know how I love puppies!! Perfect!!
I also got calls from my brothers and my Sister and BIL... they all sang to me!!
I got regular happy birthday, and the Dora (? I think) happy birthday song!
And a dear family friend who shares my birthday... thanks for always remembering me Royce. I can't remember a birthday he didn't track me down and call and sing to me!!
Plus I was showered with birthday wishes on my facebook page, I couldn't even keep up with those, there were so many! Even Jacob sent me a birthday message... pretty special since all his friends can see it when he does that!!
My boys got me some new boots, I have been wanting for over a year now... I love them. I can't wait to wear them to go see my brother in SC with the tickets my Mom and Dad sent me for my birthday!
(me screaming with excitement)
and my boys took me out to dinner for some scrumptious pasta at Olive Garden!
We went home and watched movies and made a big batch of caramel popcorn with a recipe I got on my birthday card from our relief society presidency! And that would be the last of my food binging for my birthday, because the next day I needed to get back on track with my new body bugg from my MIL!!
I know... I was sooooo spoiled on my birthday, showed with cards and gifts and LOVE! I felt so special all day, it was a wonderful special 44th birthday!


Donna Lynn said...

The birthday song was not Dora but the one sung on Sprout's Goodnight show with Nina and Star (Check out the Sprout Channel). Chica and one of the Goodnight friends sing the song each day for the birthdays of the day. JD was singing the part of Chica. Singing my be a stretch but the love was there. Love ya.

Beth said...

Of course, sprout... I am old now you know!! It was still wonderful!! I loved Jerrys part, was it supposed to be off key, or was that his own special touch? (jk) Hugs... thanks Sis!!

Kristi M. said...

Happy late birthday! What a day! That hat is so stinkin cute too!

McDowell Family said...

Hey Madison is getting Fat Baby boots for Christmas!! I went and bought them the other day!! So she will have to show them to you when she get's them! I hope you had a great day! You are truly a wonderful person!

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