Monday, November 16, 2009

ol' filth paw...

The pups all had to get baths this weekend...

It started with Rudy... poor little guy; he has had a nasty infection that we finally got the swelling under control with antibiotics, but he was "leaking" and we had to keep him clean, so the easiest way was dunking him in the tub.

And ol' curly sue... Morgan stays pretty clean, but her curly coat was shedding like crazy!

And Taylor was just a total "filth paw" from running around and digging her paws into the mud to pass everyone in the race out through the back yard. She had mud in places I didn't know you could get mud.

But they are all shiney and squeaky clean now!
We are really lucky they all like to get baths.
And I was surprised how much they all cooperated to get their toes done too... it was almost tempting to paint the girls nails pink... but the boys said NO WAY!!

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

You are lucky... my dogs HATE the bath! And they are in need of it horribly!!

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