Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The teenager went to get his hair cut yesterday.
Earlier this month, I had a conversation with Katie, to make sure he took the famous traditional picture with her before he left after his appointment.
I tried to send him with the camera, at first he wouldn't take it, he said he wasn't doing it, no way, no how! Finally I at least got him to put the camera in the car, just in case he changed his mind.
And then I begged and begged and begged as he walked out the door and pleaded some more as he drove off.

I love it when begging works!

After all...I have learned from the best... when you live with a bunch of beggars, sometimes it rubs off.

(never mind the pile of laundry, or the fact that my strong silent mysterious man is eating ice cream on a PLATE, WITH A FORK!! good grief...still much training to do... my job is never finished).


Megan said...

That Jake sure is a good looking kid!!!

Donna Lynn said...

Looks like Jacob enjoyed making the picture after all. I would love to have been a fly on the wall to see if he asked her or if Katie brought it up. At least he hasn't shaved his head like J did to keep from having to spend the money and waste the time.

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