Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!!

It has been such a wonderful birthday!
My strong silent mysterious man took me out to a steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Monday night.
He ordered appetizers, we never do that, now we know why... it is waaaaay too much food.

And he ordered ribs...
I had a salad...

 And my favorite..... steak

I was so grateful, I just LOVE a good steak and he was so thoughtful and wanted to surprise me to take me out to dinner, since he knew my birthday would be packed full.

We were up early on Tuesday.
Yikes I didn't know we looked so not awake at 545am.
And we were able to serve at the Boise Idaho Temple Open House... what a sweet blessing.  Last week we had the same shift and LOVED it!!  I was at the front door to help put on shoe coverings.

This week, the Lord must have known it was my birthday and blessed me with an assignment inside the celestial room.
What a most perfect place to spend my birthday!!

After our shift, we came home and changed into our casual clothes and went straight to vote.

Then we headed to get groceries... I know not too exciting for my birthday, but Jim insists on going with me now that we are empty nesters.   It's great, I hate to shop, and he hauls it all in and out of the car and into the house.  I just have to have a list and he is great.  
This trip knowing I will be gone to Seattle next week, he kept dropping things into the basket when I would be looking the other way.  
Cheetos, chips, snacks and a case of chili.
That is his way of preparing to hunker in for the week.

We were so hungry for lunch, he took me next door to Panda Express.  He hates eating there, but said it was just for me.

 I am not sure it was much of a treat, he complained the entire time.

He isn't a fan of fortune cookies either, it really was just moments of torture one after another.
His said...
"You will receive pleasant news of a personal nature"

If the next year follows my fortune even a little, I am super excited!! 
"You are an adventurer traveling on the highway of life" 

 Bring it on!!!
Then my birthday gift arrived!  
Mom drove all the way from Seattle to be with me on my birthday.
We will have so much fun this week and go to the Temple then I have some time off work while the Doctor is gone so I am driving back with her for the next week.

I really am so blessed with family and friends.  Nearly 50 comments on my facebook page for my birthday.  Wow I was blown away!!
I loved every thought, it really made me feel special... but this was my favorite from my neice...  Hailey Jane  
happy birthday!!! love you soo much ♥

I don't play favorites... but I could just hear her saying it to me.  It just spoke to me and drove home all the love I felt on my special day.

My absolute favorite message of all times was from my missionary.  He put pink birthday cake images and hearts inbedded in my message.  
And a super sweet message just for me.
I was just so happy he remembered, but he really did add a super special touch and it was the only birthday cake I had all day.  The best kind... no calories!
(obviously not that I was counting those this week).

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and I am glad to hear you had a great birthday. Sounds like it was a busy one - my favorite kind. I hope you have a fun time in Washington with family. Will miss you.
Luv, Emily S.

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