Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Guard Department...

The Guard Department at our house has been sleeping on the job!
There is a local stray cat, everyone in the neighborhood knows her, she is calico, very wild and you can hear her at night fighting with other cats, she's been around a while.

One of our neighbors saw she had gotten torn up in one of her fights and so she felt badly and left food and water out for her, and well she has never gone away.

Yesterday we noticed she had been living way back behind and underneath one of the bushes under a window at our house.
And she has a little family now.

They won't stay out long enough for you to get close, 
they know how to hide like she does pretty fast.

But they are getting out from under the bush more now, 
and they are pretty darn cute.

If our dogs only knew this was just a few 
feet from where they sleep!  

Here kitty, kitty!

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