Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Anniversary... Again!

I woke up kind of excited this morning... it was 9 years ago that we got re-married and started a new beginning for our family here in Idaho.
Until I looked for this picture and saw the date posted on it was Aug 30th... hey that was yesterday!  No way, we are such dorks!
I guess that's what happens when you have too many anniversaries.

Then I was looking back on the blog to see what we did in the past years... and last year I didn't even post about it... I think we totally forgot in all the excitement of Jacob getting ready to leave for the mission.  I'm really off my game :)

My Strong Silent Mysterious man has been doing some work on the "tele" (telecaster)... ever since he heard the lead guitar at CCR playing one with different pick ups.

Yep, now it's his new favorite go to guitar for the week anyway.
I am really looking forward to him working tomorrow so I can be home with total silence, alone... ahhhh.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the music in our home... but I am just ready for some peace and quiet.

Last weekend we went to the local pizza joint for lunch and played a much awaited rematch from one of our first dates in Shady Cove Oregon.  Where I beat him at a game of pool :)

Yep, I'm still the boss at the pool table after all these years!
He was speachless :)

I love all kinds of pizza, but for him it's one topping, never anything new.  So believe it or not, that makes a girl crave the toppings... so the guy saw we were struggling at agreeing on a pizza and offered to half it so we both could be happy.
It was a perfect compromise!  I got all the toppings I wanted and he got what he wanted... everyone was happy!

I love you baby, it's been a really special 9 (or 20 years)!

On a good note for the day... we got to wear our new BSU scrubs for game day at work!  And I didn't forget that and wore them on the right day.  Too bad they lost to Michigan... but we still love em!  Go Broncos!


Travis and Jana said...

Happy Anniversary you two! We miss you guys so much! I love being able to get on your blog and still read about your lives.
That pizza looks so good . . . where did you go?

Beth said...

Oh I know Jana isn't reading a blog the best! It really shortens the miles and keeps hearts tied together in a way I never knew before blogging.

It was a Garbanzo Pizza, they have a cute little place next to Vallivue HS and we had picked one up to go when they first openened and handed out coupons and Jim just remembered how good their pizza was and wanted something fun to do together, so it was kind of a spontaneous lunch, those are the best. But yeah great pizza too. We miss you guys too, hugs to the family. Hope the puppy is surviving the heat there :)

PaD said...

Congratulations on you anniversary. Also congratulation on being released. They'll have you busy again before you know it. Love ya all. Mom D

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