Saturday, August 6, 2011

On the way to the airport we picked up a hitch hiker.
I wouldn't recommend this practice on a regular basis, but this one was pretty cute and happy, even though he was really sick.  
We got to the airport, just in time to get through security and walked right up to his gate as the last person was walking on the plane, but I told him... stop for a quick picture for Rachel (his sister, my friend and fellow blogger... smile). 
Then he realized, she'd give him a bad time for taking the photo with his sunglasses on.
And we lost the teenager in our jont to the gate... but he was sneaking up behind us and got in the shot.  Too funny!  So this is for you Rachel.
I just have to say your really really lucky to have such an awesome brother... we LOVE you!!!
As we waved goodbye to his plane (my camera wouldn't power up on time) then I got a shot just before it left the view out the window.  That was him :)
We had some time to kill in the airport, so we got pictures on the "blue" with Buster.

And the boys played a couple of video games... big game hunter.
I hate video games, so I people watched.
Apparently short, shorts are in.
We were on a really small puddle jumper with propellers (I think Jim said it was jet propelled) but still it was very slow (took an extra half hour to get there) and NOOOOO leg room.
But a beautiful sunset!
Cloudy dropping into Seattle, but once through the clouds, the lights landing here are soooo beautiful.
We flew right over Safeco field (I would love to have a shot from the sky, but I am getting really slow with my  camera finger these days).
And when we arrived at my parents there was one of Aunt Carolyn's "famous" pound cakes there for us... she had been visiting the weeks before and made it special for our trip.
I am beyond excited about this, you would be too if you ever had one of her pound cakes, for real!!

It doesn't say it on the label, but she meant to put
"this is for Beth only" it's just one of those unwritten pieces of knowledge.

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Rachel Ann said...

I am just barely catching up on my blog reading. Thank you for this. You are so wonderful at catching moments that mean so much later. I love you. So much. A huge HUG!

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