Friday, June 24, 2011

The List...

I love lists... but my Sis is the "LIST QUEEN".
It's really one of our inside jokes.
I make them, but rarely keep track of them after that, I really just like finding the cute notebooks and such to make them in.
She actually manages them and uses them to organize her life and make goals.  I so aspire to be that way one day.

So when I stumbled upon this concept (really... to find this amongst, what would I be delving into these days? Yes "missionary blogs")  it was truly a happy accident!

 I LOVED the idea of keeping the lists (because I found some really cute notebooks while searching for journals for the missionary that I didn't have a reason to buy... but now might just have that reason) as a journal of a period of time in your life.  It really brings a whole new meaning to lists for me!
Go check it out here.... 
Basically it's a 52 lists in 52 weeks... so a weekly list kept in a cute notebook and reflected back on as a journal.  I could see having a missionary list notebook of things I want to remember to ask him, or things to get into a package for him, or things to remember to do in September to make it in the mail to him by December or things he asked for from home, or goals to set for myself while he is away and then having this really neat journal to reflect upon from a different perspective of those two years while my missionary was in Paraguay.

So cute!  I could become a "Queen of Lists" now maybe too!!
Check it out Sis, you may be inspired in a whole different way, this was just my own personal take on it from where I am in my life right now.  I think it could be so different and unique for everyone.
I could see lots of ideas:
my bucket list
this summer we will
things in the world I love
grocery lists (what a great way to build to a family menu plan)
things I want to photograph
my thrifty list
favorite places we want to go
field trips to take with the kids
books to read
things I accomplished on my diet this week
good things I will do for "ME"

The possibilities are endless...  Lists rock!

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