Monday, September 20, 2010

Elders Quorum at the range...

The elders quorum social activity was shooting guns at the range this month.
Perfect for the teenager, since this would be his first activity with the elders quorum.
And he could show off some of his skills and make up for them picking on him and asking him to teach the first week he came into the class on Sundays... they are such meanies.

So we went out to the range, it was a super nice place that one of the high priests belongs to and let us go use.

My strong silent mysterious man loved it.... he had so much fun.
And I love the husband and wife challenges :)
Maybe the father and daughter challenges too :)

I wasn't even a worry wart about the teenager being out there with all those bullets flying.
I am learning to trust and let go a little.
Before, I would have never left my eyes off of him and would have followed him around making sure he didn't shoot anyone, and nobody came close to shooting him.

I think my very favorite was the skeet shooting... my Dad taught me how when I was allot younger. But I wasn't brave enough to ask them to let me try it.
Maybe next time :)
We ended the social grilling dinner and had some yummy salads and homemade root beer!
A good time was had by all.

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HeidiT said...

Ahhh, my pregnancy brain took over again and we totally forgot about that! Ren loves shooting and really wanted to make it out there, oh well next time! Looks like everyone had fun.

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