Friday, April 2, 2010

Surprises and Sursee's...

When my sister was little she couldn't say "surprise" and it came out sounding like "sursee" so that stuck. So anytime we give something that is not for a special occasion, but just because, then it is called a sursee.
One of the biggest surprises of this trip has been that the dogs are doing so well.
They are minding (for the most part) and they aren't running amuck at Nene's house.

They are playing guard dog a little, but not barking at the moon.
However, they are being big babies at dinner time.
They need Nene's undivided attention, so they aren't eating, in order to get her to feed them by hand.
We just figured when they get hungry enough they will eat...
Well of course Nene won't let anyone go hungry so she plays the feeding game, and loves it.
The other thing about surprises at our house is that my Strong Silent Mysterious Man can't wait for them.
The teenager really wanted a white belt to wear golfing... really really wanted it.... he had it on his Christmas list last year, but I thought it was a joke. It wasn't, apparently the crazy color shirt and plaid pants and white belts are "IT" on the golf course again.

So we had gotten one for his Easter basket...

but since The Strong Silent Mysterious Man can't wait for a surprise... he gave it to him early.

So that made it a sursee...

I think the teenager was pretty happy about it...

And it looks sharp too... I have to admit, I am getting used to it.
Then another surprise for yesterday was Tony and Trish (Papa's daughters son... his grandson)...
Papa didn't know they were coming and we picked them up at the airport last night.

Tony and Jerad used to be buddies when they were little, and he lived here with Papa and Nene for a while. He couldn't get over how much Jerad had grown up.
A good time was had by all...

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