Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Boys...

These two... pretty much certifiably the pickiest eaters on the planet!

(no, Jim is not shrinking before your eyes... yes, the teenager is that much crazy taller than his Dad... but he does have his shoes on)
And so the other night when I made a new casserole recipe and went out on a limb and changed a few ingredients.... I was pretty surprised to find this....
REallY? An entire 9x13 pan gone in one sitting? That just never happens in my house. They moaned and murmured about me fixing a chicken nugget with rice and broccoli casserole, turning their noses up... and I worried about not using the cheddar soup I didn't have on hand, but slipping in some cream of celery mixed with white queso sauce instead... and then they ate every bite! It was all gone, not one left over. Yay me! Maybe next time I will give it a new name and then I won't have to listen to all the griping before they eat.
It really is just rice, broccoli, white queso/cream of celery sauce, milk and topped chicken nuggets and cheese.
I love these guys, but they really make me a crazy woman some times!

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