Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wow! Balancing act again...

I promise I am still alive and doing well.
My new calling is keeping me pretty busy! Really busy!!
I do not like meetings, and it feels like I have been in constant meetings since last Sunday. Uggg! But they are necessary to get up to speed and keep things organized and planned out.
I had been working so hard this past year at moving myself up the latter of priorities, and balancing everything I wanted to get done in my life, with everything that needed to get done.
Then just when I was starting to get some simulation of order to that scheduling... I am thrown into a busier schedule and much more to think about and plan around. Sunday lessons, young women in excellence programs, talks, presidency meetings, leadership meetings, ward councils, correlation meetings, trek planning, mutual activities, firesides, and a couple dozen young women to pray for and pray about and get to know, and earn their trust, and love. And figure out how to deal with their counterparts in the program (the boys), guiding them and inspiring them to chose good things, all the while trying to balance my own son in the midst of his responsibilities that interact with mine. (it is just hitting him that I will be there for most of the activities he is at with the girls... that is another adjustment for all of us in itself. We are figuring it out, so far so good).
So I am back to my balancing act again. Over the past week when I am asked how things are going, I am finding myself saying it's great with alligator tears in my eyes allot, and I am not sure where the tears are coming from, it is overwhelming, but wonderful all at once. A very huge field of emotions to balance along with the busy schedule. Some days I can't breathe, and some days I am so excited to get going I can't get to it fast enough!
One day at a time! And my biggest goal is to not lose "me" in the process! I have been working really hard to meet some of my weight goals. And last night I put on the skinny jeans and they weren't tight anymore! I was sooo excited!!! But I have to stay strict and not let the emotions tug at me and pull me under, so I can reach my goals to be on the slopes this winter with my husband on our special Sun Valley trip he promised if I make it to my first goals!


Rachel Ann said...

You are amazing. That's all I can say.

And I look up to you so much. You are my example, my leader, my friend. I love you.

Melody said...

Way to go Beth! I can tell you are going to be headed for the slopes this winter! :) Also, you are amazing and will be such a blessing to the girls in your charge right now, yours will be blessed too. If anyone can handle this, with heavens help, YOU can! Way to keep your perspective too. Love you so much Beth! :)

Panda said...

Beth you are one of the strongest and most busy person I know. You are always thinking of others and what they need... I was really happy that at the end of this blog you reported that you was taking care of yourself and YOUR goals.
Way to go lil sis!!!
(((HUGGGGGS))) Be strong and keep YOU in the mix of all that you are taking care of!

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